Why use Chill Code?

Communities make better software and with Chill Code communities can build better software infrastructure too.

Developers make, share & fork infrastructure recipes that launch in the cloud with one click.

Check out these examples, read our blog post whey we built Chill Code, or watch these videos.

Fast Launch

Clone popular designs

Build from scratch


Click on any of these examples to learn more or fork them.


This is a basic definition of a Wordpress installation that installs apache-http, PHP and demo content you can replace (chillcode-demos). It uses an AWS database. You could be running this in 3 minutes.

Drupal 7

This is a demo using a popular Drupal pattern - just replace the source code with your own on GitHub to have a website that can be runnning in 4 minutes on AWS!


This specification includes layers for crypto-currency miners. Change the DEPOSIT_WALLET environment value unless you would like to contribute to the Chill Code fund.


This is a demo, deploying Tomcat + a custom servlet onto the cloud. The result is a live website that you can access at the URL http://*IP address*:8080/chillcode-demos/tomcat

How it works

Design for you

Choose software from our library. Add a repo. Add recommended dependencies. Deploy to your BFF cloud or run locally!

Share your design

Help people find your design. Embed a link in your readme file on GitHub. Post your design to Facebook or Twitter. Email it out.

Build Community

Like Stack Overflow & GitHub, Chill Code strenghtens and extends community by making it easy to learn, adopt & participate.