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This specification sets up a layer with a running BOINC client. This client download community grid projects from a BAM specification in the BAM variable and gets to work. It expects a run script to be provided under /boinc/ This script should fir up the boinc client in the background, and then log in to the account manager via boinccmd. [BOINC](


This specification includes layers for crypto-currency miners. Please note, that in all likelihood there is no way running any of these on regular cloud instances can be profitable, but if you are paying for the instance anyway, why not fire up a miner container to make that idle time useful. Please note. You should change the DEPOSIT_WALLET environment value unless you would like to contribute to the Chill Code fund. [Monero](

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Node JS

WIP example of a NodeJS installation. [Node.js](


This is a basic definition of a [WordPress]( installation. In order to customize one should fork [scealiontach/chillcode-demos]( and replace the source assignments with your own (apache and wordpress/wp-config.php) * apache contains the httpd and php configuration * wordpress/wp-config.php is the your own wordpress setup, please note that upon deployment or update of each environment the most latest wordpress installation [media]( will be used, but any customizations you may have will replace that media. In your environment you should assign the wordpressdb service to a database in your own account, and enter the appropriate user credentials. [](


This spec is a work in progress. It deploys a trio of consul agent servers to form a cluster. One server forms the seed of the cluster and hosts the UI. At the moment this will only work successfully on a three nodes. Obviously in its current state all data is thrown away when the environment is reset. As Chill Code progresses we will update this spec to keep persistent data. [Consul Home Page](

Tomcat Example

This is a demo, deploying Tomcat + a custom servlet onto the cloud. The result is a live website that you can access at the URL: http://*IP address*:8080/chillcode-demos/tomcat Once you have deployed the example (it takes about three minutes to deploy initially), click through the environment status to get the IP address. You can treat this as a template, replacing the tomcat-demo with your own servlet (i.e. the contents of the web apps folder in Tomcat). [Apache Tomcat](


This is a basic specification to set up a static content webserver using [thttpd]( As configured it expects your content to be provided via a repository, under the path /webroot [THTTPD](